Website design

Animated by a group of veteran designers, TEKNIK AI has produced hundreds of websites since 2006 catering to various industries. Our websites are fully responsive and thus adapt to any display screen, whether mobile or large format, portrait or landscape.


All TEKNIK AI Websites are hosted at the best Data Centres, in South Africa and overseas. You have full access to the Cpanel and thus the root site. You have options to create several sub-domains as well as up to 50 e-mail accounts. All cloud server environments use VMWare and are protected by top of the range Anti-Virus, Anti-Phishing and Anti-Spam software


Below are some of the websites we have done recently:

App design

All our websites can be converted to applications suitable on both iOS and Android.

  • We have testers to ensure the app functions correctly with no bugs.
  • Once testing is completed, we release your mobile app into app stores to ensure ease of deployment.
  • Teknik offers hosting and maintenance for your apps.