23 years of technical experience

23 years in the graphic design and printing industries in South Africa have allowed us to experience the titanic changes that have happened over the past 2 decades. When we started, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and Uber did not exist. The Internet went from dial-up to 5G. These have been interesting times and we look forward to more radical changes to come through.

Teknik was born in the early months of 2020 with the aim to go "Beyond Art and Technology". We are not just a signage, vehicle branding, web and app making business. We are here to empower you, our valued clients. We provide with you quick solutions. We give our resellers discounted prices. We encourage you to go out there and get the business and then bring it to us and have your projects turned into reality.

Contact us via email at orders@teknik.co.za or WhatsApp us.